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Post Doc Residency  
09/07/94 - 09/12/95        Apogee/Affiliates for Evaluation and Therapy, Miami, FL
Supervisors:  David Butler, Ph.D.; Sharon Julsonnet, Ph.D.
                                 Hours:  40 hrs/wk.  Total: 2000 hrs.
Description:  Affiliates is a large private practice with the primary goal of 
providing short-term, goal-oriented therapy to a managed-care population.  The
multi-disciplinary treatment team provides an array of services, with a focus  on
outpatient care.  Because of the large staff, patient's are given preference for
geographic location as well as matching patient's with the therapist’s age group, 
sex, and cultural background.  Brief, short-term therapy is the norm since many 
of  the referrals come from HMO's and EAP programs. The majority of referrals 
were  from managed-care resources, and patients varied in age, level of  education, 
SES, and psychopathology. Psychological testing was conducted on a regular 
basis with the goal of providing quantified measures of improvement. Primary 
responsibility was to provide psychotherapy and testing for children and adults.  
Case load averaged  from 25 to 40 patients per week.   
                             Locations:  Bayview Center for Mental Health, Miami,  FL 
Sept 93 to Aug 94              (outpatient); Transit Company and START Program located  on SFSH
      grounds (inpatient rotation)
Supervisors: Jose Raffo, Ph.D., Sharon Julsonnet, Ph.D.,  Benjamin Algaze, Ph.D.
                                         Hours:  Outpatient 16 hrs/wk; Inpatient 10 hrs/wk; 
                                                     Training  and supervision 14 hrs/wk. Total: 2000hrs.
                                       Description:   Outpatient - Therapy provided for adults and children presenting with a  
                                       variety of Axis I diagnoses including: Major Depression, Dysthymia, Adjustment disorder, 
                                       ADHD, Organic Mood Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, SCPT, and Dual 
                                       Diagnosis. Also worked with Borderline personality organization and Antisocial PD. 
                                       DUI group therapy conducted with patients referred through the court system.  
                                       Population included males and females with varying SES levels and ethnic backgrounds. 
                                       Inpatient – Individual and group therapy provided for  severely disturbed  patients presenting 
                                       with CPT, Major Depression, and organic mental disorders.  Assessment Experience: 
                                       Full Battery of tests including objective and projective instruments administered to inpatients  
                                       and outpatients. Administrative Rotation: Duties included attending organizational  meetings; 
Evaluating  and providing feedback via formal presentation on a managed care survey 
that the agency had recently completed; selecting an assessment instrument (SCL-90)
A to be used in a research study to evaluate patient's subjective  opinion of improvement; 
developed a promotion letter that would be used to contact  professionals in the local 
area to inform them of the variety of services provided by Bayview Center. Responsibility
further included telephone follow-up.  Supervisor: Lauren Kanter, COO.

Practicum and Clinical Experience
Sept 89 to Dec 89           Clinical Practicum I: Children's Psychiatric Center (CPC), Hialeah,  FL
                                       Supervisors:  Monica Mavec, Psy.D. (site), A. Eugene Shapiro, Ph.D. (faculty).
                                       Practicum Hours: From 12-18 hrs/wk.  Estimated 220 hours.
Description: CPC is an outpatient treatment facility which provides services   primarily   for   children.  Responsibilities included: training in formulating   DSM-III-R and ICD-9 diagnosis and treatment plans via intake interview and report writing; conducting outpatient psychotherapy employing play therapy methods; limited family therapy, and behavioral interventions (e.g., crisis intervention to decrease suicidal risk, problem solving skills training, program  to diminish enuresis).  Presenting problems included: depression, anxiety, conduct disorder, and victims of sexual molestation and abuse.  Participated in two weekly seminars in which theoretical and clinical case presentations were required. Family Therapy Seminars were conducted and supervised by Dr. Terry Levy.

Jan 1990 to Jul 1990       Clinical Practicum II:  CPC, Hialeah,  FL
                                 Supervisors: M. Mavec, Psy.D. (site), A. E. Shapiro, Ph.D. (faculty).
                                        Hours: From 12-18 hrs/wk.  Estimated 240 hours. 
Description: Duties included psychological assessment and interpretation of objective 
and projective tests. In Addition, attended Student and Family Therapy seminars, Individual Therapy caseload included: sexual molestation and abuse, depression, oppositional defiant disorder, learning disabilities, PICA and adjustment disorders.

Sep 1990 to Dec 1990      Clinical Practicum III:  45th Street Mental Health Center, West Palm Beach,  FL
                                          Supervisors:  Michael Shulman, Ph.D. (site), Bernard Eingold, Ph.D. (faculty),
                                        Antonio Virsida, Ph.D. (adjunct) for supervision in psychoanalytic technique.
                                 Practicum Hours: From 18-24 hrs/wk.  Estimated 250 hours.
                                        Description:  45th Street Mental Health Center provides inpatient, outpatient, and 
                                          forensic services primarily for adult chronic psychiatric patients. Conducted psychological 
                                          assessments sing objective and projective tests. Short-Term psycho dynamically-oriented 
                                          psychotherapy was also provided for both male and female patients. Axis I Diagnoses 
                                          included:  Major Depression, Manic Depression, Bipolar  Disorder,
                                          Dysthymic Disorder, Adjustment Disorder Dementia associated w/ alcoholism, Poly-
                                          substance Abuse, and  Schizophrenia. Several patients were also followed on a long-term
                                          (2yr basis).  
                                         **A working relationship was established with psychiatry in a "team" fashion, with many of 
                                          the patients who were also  prescribed medication.  In addition, attended weekly seminars
                                          for Psychology Service for review of assigned readings, psychological testing seminars, and 
                                          clinical case presentations.

Jan 1991 to Aug 1991     Clinical Practicum IV:  45th Street MHC,  WPB,  FL
Supervisors:  M. Shulman, Ph.D. (site), B. Eingold, Ph.D. (faculty), A. Virsida, Ph..D. 
                                       Hours:  From 18 to 28 hrs/wk. Estimated 490 hours (with a total of 54    
                                       patient assignments during practicums III and IV).
Description:  Conducted primarily short-term psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapy
with outpatients (diagnoses listed above), and followed the long-term cases (Major 
Depression; Dysthymia).  The opportunity was also afforded to work with the inpatient 
population and conduct more intensive therapy on a tri-weekly basis.  Some of the diagnoses
included: Manic Depression, Somatization Disorder, Cocaine Abuse, Schizophrenia, and 
both inpatients and outpatients.  Attended the same seminars listed above. Gave a 
GRAND ROUNDS case presentation for the Inpatient service. 

Sep 1991 to Jul 1992    Clinical Practicum:  45th Street MHC, WPB,  FL.
(Elective)                      Supervisors:  M. Shulman, Ph.D. (site), B. Eingold, Ph.D.  (faculty), 
    A. Virsida, Ph.D. (adjunct). 
                                       Hours: From 8 to 10 hrs/wk.  Approx 290hours.  
                                       Description:  Same as above.  Primary focus was to work with long-term patients.


Relevant Work Experience

Sep 1984 - Jun 1985    Mental Health Trainee:  Veterans Administration Hospital
                                                    (VAMC) Miami, FL - (Work Study Program)
                                       Supervisor: Cary Mack, Ph.D.
Description:  Observed intake process of incoming mental hygiene patients and 
conducted intakes under supervision.  Observed many phases of hospital interaction 
including staff meetings, diagnostic evaluation and patient supervision.

Jun - Nov 1987      Practicum in General Psychology (B.S.):  VAMC, Miami, FL
                                       Supervisors:  Barbara Simmonds, Ph.D. Candidate, Stephen Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
                                       Hours:  Approx 16 hrs/wk. 
Description:  Study involved sexual dysfunction and the assessment of men seeking 
penile prosthesis.  Biological and psychological factors were evaluated. Duties included administration and scoring of questionnaires to patients & their partners.  Observed the 
intake process and attended inpatient urology rounds.  Observed surgical procedure of 
penile implant in VAMC operating room.

Jun 1985 to May 1988     Biofeedback Technician:  VAMC, Miami, FL (Work Study)
                                       Supervisor:  Stephen Fitzgerald, Ph.D.
                                          Description:    Psychophysiological and behavioral assessment for biofeedback, cognitive-
                                         behavioral therapy, systematic desensitization, stress management, passive/progressive 
                                         relaxation techniques, and guided imagery training. Cases  included: Low back pain, 
                                         Tinnitus, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Speech Disorder  (S/P cancer surgery), Headaches,     
                                         Nonspecific pain disorder, and facial tic. Also, provided biofeedback training for pain 
                                         management, headaches, individual relaxation training, relaxation group therapy, and Stress  
                                         Management Group Therapy for patients on the inpatient addictions unit. Also observed
                                         brain biopsies, and attended inpatient neurology rounds and grand rounds at Jackson
                                         Memorial Hospital (Miami, FL).
Related Research Experience

Sep 1984 - Jun 1985      Research Assistant:  VAMC, Miami,  FL (Work Study).
                                       Supervisor:  Cary Mack, Ph.D.
Description: The Outpatient Satisfaction Study was an in-house project which involved 
gathering data from questionnaires given to patients in the mental hygiene clinic. This 
survey was designed to measure compliance with medication, and satisfaction with 
overall care from the clinic.  Duties included: organizing and scoring data, and assisting 
in the composition of the Results & Discussion section.

                                       Research Assistant:  VAMC, Miami,  FL  (Work Study)
                                       Supervisor:  Cary Mack, Ph.D.  
                                       Description:  Assisted in gathering journal articles for use in an annotative bibliography 
                                           of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of Viet Nam vets.

                                       Research Assistant:  VAMC, Miami,  FL  (Work Study)
                                       Supervisor:  Cary Mack, Ph.D.
                                       Description:  Assisted in gathering articles and relevant research materials
                                       to compose a seminar for Professional Burnout Syndrome. Project  involved
                                       organizing materials and designing the seminar.

                                       Research Assistant:  VAMC,  Miami,  FL  (Work Study)
                                       Supervisor:  Jean Del Campo, R.N., M.S.N.
Description:  This study was conducted by the psychology nursing staff of the  VA to
measure the rate of compliance for those patients who received a nursing  interview 
prior to discharge  and those who did not.  A parallel demographic study was designed 
to measure overall compliance with medication and keeping follow-up appointments.  
Duties included organizing data and coding the results.

                                        Research Assistant:  VAMC, Miami, FL  (Work Study)
                                        Supervisor:  Timothy Starky, Ph.D.
                                        Description:  Entered DSM-III codes, demographics, medications, and all related 
                                        diagnostic information of current mental hygiene patients for use in on-going  studies 
                                        for the clinic.  Data was recorded on an Apple II E.

Clinical Experience (Medical)

1977-78         Medical Assistant
                     Description: Assisted pediatrician in medical procedures, administered medication, 
                                           in-depth medical histories and maintained charts.

Medical Technician, Sergeant USAF
Description: Duties included work with general medical, oncology, pediatric, and 
obstetric patients, Labor/Delivery, and Newborn Nursery.
Certified Emergency Medical Technician - ER
General Nursing - Oncology and Pediatric wards
Counselor - Patient Education.  Conducted support groups for  new mothers on infant 
care and feeding,  pre/post op expectations of  surgical procedures.  Also responsible 
for In-service presentations/education for hospital staff and base personnel.
                     Assistant Non-commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) of Labor/Delivery and 
                                       Neonatal Units. Duties included general nursing skills, delivery assistance, 
                                        care of newborns, as well as administrative responsibilities

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